The Magnificent Karst Bridges Of Wulong

The stunning Three Natural Bridges in Wulong National Geology Park – a UNESCO World Heritage site, and setting for key scenes in “Transformers 4: Age  of Extinction” & “Curse of the Golden Flower” – was the highlight of our China trip along with Laitan ancient town. I featured both in some of my earliest posts. Here is a recap in photos […]

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Seeking the Dhamma in Dazu

Dazu, China

Nirvana refers to the ultimate unfettering of the mind from earthly bonds. A quietude of mind and body, a total connection and merging with one’s inner self, a release from all desire and suffering. Enlightenment. The spiritual journey of Siddhartha from crown prince to the “Enlightened One” is one of the most profound stories of transformation […]

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China – Laitan Ancient Town

Path leading to Erfo temple.

Looking for places to visit in China? Laitan, an authentic ancient town, is a true hidden gem that was the highlight of our visit.

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