Man is essentially a nomad. To wander, to test the geographical limits of ones existence, is a primeval human desire. When you get bitten by the travel bug you connect with that innate nomad in you. My connection is absolute and I feel blessed to be able to travel. When I am not travelling, I am poring over travel books or scouring online travel forums. For my first blog post I have uploaded random images from our travels across the globe. Images that I hope will convey why I love to travel……..why I get the urge to wander

Amazing Destinations

So many amazing places and so little time…
Abu Simbel Temple.

The smells and the sounds!

Strangely my memory of a place is linked more to its smells and sounds and colours rather than the attractions!Floating Market, Bangkok

Breathtaking Vistas

Much as I appreciate great architecture and ancient monuments, God’s artistry is hard to beat!Lindos Bay, Greece

New Experiences

The sheer excitement of new adventures in strange lands!

Intriguing cultures

Varied cultures and customs and the understanding of why we are different ……or not!Village market, Siem ReapPretty lotus seed seller

Great Food

Simple meals in remote villages or snack food from street corners or gourmet meals in fancy restaurants…..food plays a huge part in my travel plans.

And most of all the people, the people, the people!

It’s the people that make the place, and in all our travels it is the interaction with local people, that has contributed largely towards making a trip memorable.

“It might be said that a great unstated reason for travel is to find places that exemplify where one has been happiest. Looking for idealized versions of home – indeed looking for that perfect memory”
~ Paul Theroux

Thank you for visiting and wish you many beautiful journeys in the coming year!

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Madhu is an Interior designer turned travel blogger on a long sabbatical to explore the world. When not crafting stories on The Urge To Wander, she's probably Tweeting @theurgetowander or sharing special moments on instagram.com/theurgetowander

21 thoughts on “Wanderlust

  1. Hi aunty, great to see ur blog finally! It would be great if you can also include names of good restaurants and if possible, places to shop that are non-touristic as most of the time we are the mercy of the drivers who take us to touristic places only. Look forward to more of your travel blogs!

  2. I have heard so much about your travels from Rach…great to know you are blogging…can’t wait to read..! Anu

  3. Very thoughtful on your part to include pictures. Makes it more interesting and easier for me to connect. Looking forward to more blogs from your desk. Way to go:-)

    1. Thank you Deepika! My recent posts – all of 5 – are displayed on the top right, you need to click on them or return to ‘Home’ (button on top of page) to view all my recent posts. Thanks again

  4. Awesome posts…..looking forward to more……you need to make a career of this.

  5. Wonderfully written, Madhu! Your passion for travel is very apparent here, and with great reasons. May you have many, many more of these adventures this year. (Although how does one top a balloon ride over Cappadocia?) 🙂

  6. hi madhu! so love your blog. getting to see it from the beginning. checking out the secret ingredients of a great blog. this happens to be the first chapter of your blog and it indeed is a spectacular beginning. that showcases this traveller, who travels with her five senses. wish you the very best for future!

    1. Ana, just came across your thoughtful comment! A very belated thank you for reading and for your best wishes.

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