Santorini Indulgence

Bright sunny morning, freshly squeezed orange juice, flaky croissants, creamy cheese, fresh fruit and fragrant coffee served on our very own private terrace…….perfection!

Breakfast on our private terrace - Oia, Santorini, Greece
Breakfast on our private terrace – Oia, Santorini, Greece
Oia - Santorini, Greece
Oia – Santorini, Greece

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91 thoughts on “Santorini Indulgence

  1. I was where you were…thx for indulging my fantasy to return.

  2. It reminds me of Hitchcock’s To Catch A Thief. That was the French Riviera, but the balcony just reminds me of it.

  3. Madhu, great photos, was in Thera years ago. I saw your name and check your blog on my nephew Brody’s blog.

  4. In my mind, these photos would also fit a couple of other themes to me: “Perfection” and “Heaven” and “Ultimate” and “Joy”. It looks wonderful. thanks so much for posting these!!

  5. Oh boy….another place to add to my bucket list! WOW. I am stunned! This is so gorgeous! Your photos are beautiful!

    That first photo is amazing! I’m afraid when it would be time to leave, I’d say: “I’m sorry, but I cannot move. You’re going to have to leave me here!” 😉

    This HAS to be paradise! How lucky you are! Thanks for posting…and what a perfect interpretation of the word Indulge!

    1. Glad you liked my interpretation Judy! I had to be literally dragged away too 🙂 shall post more pics of this enchanting place soon

  6. What a great experience. I want to join you on this terrace; I want to sit for hours, taking my time with the croissants and coffee. This truly is indulgence.

  7. sigh, .the always amazing mediterranean – landscape, coastline, food, people, culture, history, weather…..

    1. Apart from the mainland we have only been to Rhodes and Santorini. Would love to visit all those other wonderful islands!

  8. I feel like driving all the way into town for some croissants now!! And what a great view!!

  9. Your photo brought back memories of our European breakfasts overlooking the sea. We haven’t been to Santorini yet, but would like to go.

  10. Wow, I’m jealous! This is such a perfect holiday with that amazing view right in front of you.

    1. Santorini was breathtaking, Malou! The stunning view and the absolute stillness and silence is impossible to put into words! Thanks for stopping by to comment!

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