Riding On A Vintage Subway!

Through all my rather obsessive planning for our trip to South America, and to R’s perverse glee, I somehow overlooked the fact that our dates coincided with the presidential elections in Argentina. I realised my blunder when the Buenos Aires soccer schedules were released and I couldn’t find a single match for the entire week that we were going to be there.

Too late to change our plans, we missed out on the soccer match and the Feria Mataderos and suffered an entire ‘dry’ day:-(

But the upside was a Sunday morning free of crowds to ride the vintage Line A of the Buenos Aires Subte, and check out the legendary Cafe Tortoni at leisure without having to stand in (the equally legendary) line.

I can’t possibly be accused of not being able to look on the bright side, can I?

Happy travels…..no matter where life takes you.