Multiple Multiples!

From the sacred to the mundane……a multitude of multiples from my travels.

Did I go a bit overboard there? Guess I did! Just couldn’t stop with one….or ten for that matter.

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Madhu is an Interior designer turned travel blogger on a long sabbatical to explore the world. When not crafting stories on The Urge To Wander, she's probably Tweeting @theurgetowander or sharing special moments on

102 thoughts on “Multiple Multiples!

  1. Wow, Madhu, I love all of these. The terra cotta warriors, the teapots in Japan, those white umbrellas in Bangalore. Beautiful, ALL!

  2. What I love about these photos is the myriad of colors, textures, shapes, sizes but the prize is your header of the children. No, I don’t think you went overboard.

  3. Great selection! My favourites are the white umbrellas and Pergamon. Lots of great shots, Madhu – you certainly have travelled.

  4. Oh my , there are so many tea pots in the photo from Kyoto, Japan. I love them. Great photo’s of multiples. Your photo’s are always such a pleasure to view. Thank you for posting.

  5. Haven’t been logging in lately – looks like I missed out on your beautiful posts and pictures. I am sure we’ll see a lot more of your travels in 2013….keep it coming Madhu. Love your multiple multiples.

  6. Great choices of images Madhu, Thanks for sharing my friend 🙂

    1. Does seem like that doesn’t it? But multiples are all around us if we just stop to look!

  7. I’m always drawn to images with repeated patterns or rows – I wonder what that says about me! Lovely shots which has inspired me to run along and create my own post 🙂

    1. Beautiful aren’t they? There were rows and rows around the whole perimeter of that temple!

    1. Yes, Pergamom is one of our favourite archeological sites in Turkey. Thank you Rigmover 🙂

  8. *smile
    You can never go overboard !!! Wonderful .. fare away and colorful, just what my morning needed. *smile
    I’m going to do a post about my photo year too – started now .. for March – and I will be sinking .. with all my photos.

      1. Have just put notes on to my bunch – still have 3 months to add, but I’m pleased with choice of photo. Looking forward – to publish them – first time I use them.
        By luck did I get a shot of a lonely luggage trolley and moving train at Copenhagen Airport – stunning shot and my yearly favorite.

  9. So many exquisite examples 🙂 Do you have a favourite among them? Great composition and colours in all of them 🙂 🙂

    1. Yes, the children in the header! That is from the Asakusa temple in Tokyo. Thank you Paula 🙂

  10. Gorgeous, and so varied. I loved them all – impossible to single out favourites, each is perfect for the theme, and the story it’s telling. 🙂

  11. I never grow tired of looking at your photos. You could have continued on and I would have been enthralled. Lovely Madhu. 🙂

  12. Great submission for a great challenge by Ailsa. Love the umbrellas the best. Though I don’t think I can reach it when it rains suddenly. 😀

  13. This is a great representation of the theme. I especially love the first picture of the children walking in pairs. (Or maybe the header wasn’t included in the theme? But it fits.) They’re all beautiful and go together nicely.

    1. Thank you Juliann. The header IS part of the theme, and my favourite of all 🙂 That was shot in the Akasuka temple in Tokyo.

  14. My dear one, I also want to globe trot with you!! As always, LOVE your travelogue!
    Madhu, kabhi Toronto aaya karo na!
    Truly relished the mulitiples – a stunning compilation. lots of love.

    1. Thank you! And I would love to have you come along Shaheen 🙂 Yes Canada is on the list, but not sure when. Soon hopefully 🙂

      1. Yayyy! My dear Madhu in Canada! You are staying with me!!! I shall drive you to the First Nations Reserves (indigenous culture) and some natives live in Tee-pee’s! More on this later! Aajao ! xxxx

      2. btw, you were so right about the detractors on my new post! Lol.

  15. I, too, like the header best although all the others come in a close second. Great post, Madhu.

  16. No- you did not go over board! It’s wonderful!! Especially the Arches!

      1. Thank you thats because I am too busy at work to learn the Mosaic format – BUT I WILL : >

  17. I love these! I tried to get the Luxor shot of the sphinx from the ceremonial walk but they didn’t show up well at night. Great shots!

  18. Awesome selections! Thank you for the around the world tour for the Multiple theme!

  19. Not overboard at all Madhu! Absolutely love your montage ;o) They are all wonderful but my fave picture is of the children in their colorful hats holding hands; precious…

    1. Aren’t they? That is my favourite too, love the expressions on their faces 🙂
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts Sahbina.

  20. Loved the multiples… Good wishes for 2013… and happy travelling. May you have multiples of travels that you can share with all of us. Love:)

  21. Hi,
    Great photos of multiples, I especially like the arches in the Temple, it is amazing how they built some of these ancient sites, perfect and some stand the test of time.

    1. Thanks Naomi. Multiples are such an essential element in art and architecture, so not surprising that I found so many 😀

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