Solo In Venice!

I spotted her from the vaporetto on my way back from Santa Maria della Salute. Her lone self on the balcony of the Palazzo Genovese (now the Centurion Palace Hotel) overlooking the Grand Canal, and juxtaposed against the glorious details of the church beyond. What a fabulous vantage point from which to survey the panorama below! I admit I felt a wee bit envious.


Stay tuned for more from Venice when I return from a short trip to Coonoor over the weekend.

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Madhu is an Interior designer turned travel blogger on a long sabbatical to explore the world. When not crafting stories on The Urge To Wander, she's probably Tweeting @theurgetowander or sharing special moments on

106 thoughts on “Solo In Venice!

  1. And I booked some dump at Piazzale Roma 😀 I usually clone people out from my photos, but I like the fact that a human figure (female) is on that balcony. It shows us what Venice today is all about – visitors. Fabulous shot!

      1. As it needed to be, of course! I was lucky to have been there for the Festa della Salute, joining the quiet, candle-lit procession across the votive bridge to the Salute – a treasured memory, especially as it was back in the “no camera” days.

        1. That must have been amazing Meredith! I would love to plan my return to co-incide with the festa, but our schedules don’t always permit it.

        2. I know what you mean, Madhu,but there are lots of small festas that you could centre a trip around – or a concert/recital season … By the way, I’ve stumbled upon a blog – Beyond the Bridge ( by a Venetian girl who’s gone to live on the ‘mainland’ and blogs with her father … it’s delightful.

  2. Really beautiful shot, Madhu. I bet you have got quite a few amazing ones from your solo wandering and explorations. 🙂
    Must admit I am not a fan of solo travelling (neither in groups, just another person is enough) but Italy is one of the few places I wouldn’t mind to return to alone now and then. There is something about that country …probably in the air…for me! 🙂

    1. Thank you….I managed a few Ese 🙂 I agree with you about traveling solo in Italy. I wish I lived closer.

  3. A great view but a little precarious, Madhu 🙂 Not for the vertigo sufferer. I’d have been happy in the gondola with you. (or even on a vaporetto)

    1. It would sound a lot like sour grapes if I were to concur Jo! 🙂 The vaporetto was rather crowded and not half as romantic.

    1. Thank you Angeline. Those were my exact thoughts when I spotted her! I was lucky to have been standing outside near the railing and not seated inside the vaporetto.

  4. Love how you framed this shot Madhu! Makes one wonder what she is seeing from her vantage point.

    1. Thank you Luann. She must have been spoiled for choice with the main island of San Marco and the beginning of the Grand canal spread out before her!

  5. Wonderful! Even though she’s the ‘extra’, I think she’s needed to ensure the click is real! The colours and composition are just perfect here!

  6. Would juxtaposition be a good term for this image? So much to see. Love the textures, the depth of field, the whole arrangement. Nice.

    1. Thank you Ruth. I guess juxtaposition would be right. I didn’t have to do much….the scene was there for the taking 🙂

    1. A fleeting one Ian. I was worried I had messed this up in my hurry to capture the moment before she turned around to leave.

    1. You are so right Sylvia. And I was lucky to capture a few of those moments without messing up the shots 😀

    1. Thank you Valentine. I just had to aim and shoot…and quickly, from a moving water taxi!! 🙂

  7. Oh my what a spectacular and extra special vantage point! What a rare moment! Looking forward to more Madhu!

      1. Yes indeed , I think many are waiting my dear Madhu!

    1. Hard to pick. I haven’t been to Milan yet. I think both Rome and Venice are technically doable in three days (read my prev. post on Venice), but you wouldn’t really do either of them justice.

      1. Yes ! That’s what I thought.. And that is why wanted to spend three full days in one place. I’ll read your Venice post! How about Rome?

        1. Three full days, not including travel days should cut it. I went to Rome decades ago on a whirlwind tour and hope to return with a lot more time on my hands.

  8. I’ve been wanting to go to Italy for sometime now., seems like I can take out 3 days for it next month.
    Do you mind suggesting one out of these three.. Venice, Rome or Milan.. For a three day trip? Would love your advise 🙂

  9. In that particular case, Envy is totally justified!

      1. To put things in perspective, the plumbing is probably 16th century. The toilet downstairs in the backyard. And the walls with mould creeping everywhere! 😉
        Have a lovely week Madhu.

  10. I wouldn’t mind being solo on that balcony, but together with (an intelligent/nice/kind) prince charming would be better of course. I didn’t try that, yet. 😉 Waiting for the next, Madhu.

  11. Walking around Venice is similar to a continual series of gift nicely wrapped … that is, one approaches a corner unknowing that surprise is around it.

    1. It is the light on the red roof of the monastery in between the two buildings that adds to the composition I think. Glad you enjoyed this Mani.

  12. Excellent captured, Madhu – could be the princess waiting for the knight and his white horse – ehhh sorry the knight and his white boat… 🙂 🙂

  13. This shot is fabulous. I like the backdrop and the presence of the lady made the scene come alive.

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