The Ruins Of Mehrauli

Delhi’s architectural vestiges, the remains of its seven original cities, represent its complex and convoluted history. The spectacular rise of empires and the disasters and conflicts that led to their fall, writ large on every crumbling stone..

Mehrauli is the second of the seven cities, built around 1206AD by Qutub ud din Aibak, a former slave and general of Mohammed Ghori, who set up the first Sultanate of Delhi. Over a hundred haunting relics ranging in antiquity from the 11CE foundations of the Hindu fort that existed at the site before the Ghori invasion of 1192, to a few structures from the Raj era some seven centuries later, are now encompassed in a 200 acre archaeological park of the same name.

Tourist interest rarely strays beyond the adjacent Qutub Minar complex (a UNESCO heritage minaret, also constructed by the founder of the Slave dynasty), making for a tranquil and atmospheric visit.

Come see for yourself……….

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Several tour companies conduct three to four hour long walks through the park, early morning or late evening. We got a private car and driver to drive us as close to each site as possible, thus saving a bit of time and effort, but possibly losing out on a lot of atmosphere. The Slave Dynasty water tank: Hauz i Shamsi, the stunning 15th century Jahaz Mahal and the Bakhtiar Kaki Dargah near the village outside the park, we saved for a future visit. Hopefully soon.

Happy travels, no matter where life takes you.

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