Postcards From Kabini

The Indian safari model prohibits the entry of private vehicles into national game parks. Even highways cutting through the large parks are sealed from 6pm to 6am. While we spied several vehicles piled up at the barricades across the main road through Nagarhole National Park well past six, and are certain that a few of the drivers huddled around the rangers trying to buy their way across did get through, it was heartening to note that the rules are enforced to a large extent.
Langur in Kabini
Morning and evening safaris are conducted on a set number of government vehicles staggered across several zones. The vehicles – allotted randomly to lodges depending on the number of people – sometimes arrive late, shaving off a precious quarter to half an hour from the three hour safaris, and resulting in a mad dash to hunt down big cats and elephants. Which is a pity. For the adage of the journey being the destination holds good as much for safaris as for any other kind of travel.

On our second visit to Kabini, we were acutely aware of what we were missing. Our day long safaris in Africa had honed our understanding and appreciation of the jungle landscape. And having sighted our first tiger on our first game drive of the trip, we were relaxed enough to take in the beauty of our surroundings. That more tigers crossed our paths over ensuing game drives was an exhilarating bonus.

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79 thoughts on “Postcards From Kabini

    1. Hope you do. Our friend wants us to go again this month, but I think I have had an overdose of safaris for now 🙂

  1. Lovely postcards, Madhu. Quiet solitude, animal prints in the sand and sun through the trees capture the moment of your jungle landscape. Like you said, early sightings allowed you to relax for the rest of the experience.

    1. Thanks Lynne. Yes, the early sighting helped. We particularly loved the stillness of the early morning drives.

    1. Thanks Sylvia. I believe they are two different species. We do have an Indian Coral tree. But this is called the Flame of the Forest. Different generic names as well.

  2. Picturesque…the images remind me of autumn, I suppose it’s the hues of brown and yellow. Kabini is located in which part of India?

    1. Karnataka. Its about five hours by road from Bangalore. Am guessing the colouirs change dramatically after the monsoons.

  3. One of your best series of photographs Madhu – simply stunning scenes that words can’t match. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful adventure.

  4. The essence of the place has been well captured!

    Awesome pictures…thanks for sharing Madhu 🙂

  5. You show us some truly beautiful postcards, Madhu! How many have you kept to yourself – 350? 🙂 500 🙂

    1. He he,a lot fewer this time Dina! I am consciously trying to minimise clutter in my gadgets as much as around my house 😀 Appreciate your stopping by.

    1. Have to confess I went for the tigers Gilly! 🙂 But I did wish we could spend longer driving through the beautiful landscape. The vehicles aren’t as comfortable as the African ones though. But at a miniscule fraction of the price, they do just fine 🙂

  6. This is indeed nostalgic. I have been there and stayed at Orange County, and it is lovely experience and yes, the boat ride on the river dividing both the forest in the evening with the sunset is beautiful…you can spot the elephants and dears and many more on both side of the river bank. Wonderful site to witness…
    Loved the way you have captured in your lens.

  7. Wonderful postcards, great to know that the wildlife in India is looked after this way.
    Where exactly is Kabini? Enlighten a pakistani here .. 🙂

    1. Welcome Ibrahim! And thank you very much.
      We could look after our wildlife better, but we have come a long way 🙂 Kabini is in my home state of Karnataka in the South. Accessible from Bangalore and Mysore by road. Hope you can visit someday….visa Gods willing 😉

    1. Lot more bg cats on the move right now Sriram. I can’t wait to see the stunning images you will surely be returning with. Have fun 🙂

  8. “. And having sighted our first tiger on our first game drive of the trip, we were relaxed enough to take in the beauty of our surroundings. That more tigers crossed our paths over ensuing game drives was an exhilarating bonus.”

    You just described my best case scenario for any dream during any point in my life. Must have been a beautiful feeling. I’d imagine that I would ball uncontrollably until I make things weird and awkward for everyone. Psssst I still haven’t seen a cat in the wild.

    Another great post, madhu!

  9. What a gorgeous place, Madhu. I’m glad that the government is working hard to preserve those areas, even if it makes it inconvenient at times for drivers.

  10. You captured glowing warm light beautifully. I love all the critters but your landscapes are just as wonderful. Are you ready for Thursday?

    1. Not quite, but will get something up right away. R had to undergo a minor surgical procedure and I have been on hospital duty. Back home and all fine now 🙂 Had to rush to B’lore for a day in between all this because son-in-law’s dad was seriously ill!

        1. No, Paula. That will not be fair to your readers who might have posts planned. I’ll have something ready for you by tomorrow.

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