Picture The World – Peru

There are many images in my albums, that transport me back to Peru and the wonderful days we spent there last fall. Of the colourful, pensive Quechua women, their lovely rosy cheeked little children, the Ceviches, the stuffed potatoes (!) and the Pisco sours, the amazing Incan architecture of the sacred valley, the streets of […]

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Celebrating The Wonder That Is Iguassu!

Lower Circuit - Iguazu National Park, Argentina

A distant murmur reminds us of the purpose of our visit long before we catch our first glimpse of the cataracts from the dining room of the Sheraton hotel within the Argentine National Park. It gets louder as we clamber onto the jungle train, a short distance from the hotel, that takes us to long, creaky, metal catwalks […]

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A Sunday Morning On Ipanema

Sunday Morning on Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro

My interpretation of ‘summer’? A warm sunday morning on Ipanema beach. Several agua de coco’s later, we walked on to the Feira Hippie de Ipanema – the weekly fair on Praça General Osório nearby – and then all the way to Lagoa, stopping en-route to pick up Bossa Nova CD’s and grazing on shrimp and vegetable empadas and fresh […]

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The Outstretched Hands Of The Redeemer

Cristo Redentor, Rio

This was our first disappointing glimpse of Cristo Redentor. Barely discernible from behind those hazy clouds. We decided it would be pointless going to Corcovado if visibility was going to be so poor. So we went to the Päo de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf) first instead and prayed hard that the weather would clear, for we had very little […]

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Riding On A Vintage Subway!

Through all my rather obsessive planning for our trip to South America, and to R’s perverse glee, I somehow overlooked the fact that our dates coincided with the presidential elections in Argentina. I realised my blunder when the Buenos Aires soccer schedules were released and I couldn’t find a single match for the entire week […]

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Postcard – Buenos Aires

La Boca in Buenos Aires is a colourful barrio full of brightly painted houses and interesting graffiti. This distorted caricatures of street performers is a particular favourite. Read my full account of this Barrio of Kitsch here. Graffiti, La Boca – Buenos Aires, ArgentinaHave a great weekend!

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