Clash Or Confluence?

A KFC sign clashes with a Hindu temple spire.

One of Yangon’s many quirky contradictions! Happy travels….no matter where life takes you. Related: Daily Post WPC – Opposites More Posts On Myanmar

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Paris – L’ancien Et Le Moderne

Much of the Paris we see today is the product of the gargantuan nineteenth century ‘remaking’ of Paris by Baron Hausmann, that ripped out and restructured entire neighbourhoods, with scant attention to more than 2000 years of accrued history. Its ancient labyrinth of narrow, snaking streets and cramped dwellings, transformed into this sumptuous and alluring […]

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Conspicuous Contrast

The streets around the glittering malls of Bangkok magically transform into a night market every evening, particularly during the festive season. Walking back from dinner one evening, we were struck by the stark contrast between the little roadside stalls and the luxury brand hoardings on the facades of the malls behind.  A contrast of fantasy v/s reality, […]

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