The Mansions On The Bosphorus

Yali Mansions - Istanbul, Turkey

Y is for Yali. No, not that mythical creature from Hindu mythology, but the gorgeous waterfront mansions lining the banks of the Bosphorus! Derived from the Greek Yialos, meaning seashore, these 17th century mansions whose architectural styles can only be termed ‘eclectic’ were intended as summer abodes for the Turkish bourgeoisie, whose numbers swelled with the extension of the Ottoman […]

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A Concert Under A Medieval Tower

The plan was to walk up to the Galata Tower with our friends, stop for a snack at one of the little cafes in this newly gentrified neighbourhood and then take a cab across town to the uber cool Ulus29 for dinner. When we spotted a stage being readied for a concert right beside the […]

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Istanbul Blue

Also called the Sultan Ahmet mosque and built across from the Hagia Sofia, the exquisite Blue Mosque in Istanbul is the only mosque other than the Masjid al Haram in Mecca that has six minarets. Most visitors enter from the North. But if you take the west entrance you will be rewarded by the sight […]

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