A Concert Under A Medieval Tower!

The plan was to walk up to the Galata Tower with our friends, stop for a snack at one of the little cafes in this newly gentrified neighbourhood and then take a cab across town to the uber cool Ulus29 for dinner.

The Galata Tower – a 14th century Genoese tower in Istanbul, Turkey

When we spotted a stage being readied for a concert right beside the tower, we girls gushed “How romantic!”. The guys didn’t seem too thrilled of course and didn’t quite get the ‘romance’, but agreed to stay on rather reluctantly.

Stage being readied for the concert, Galata Tower – Istanbul, Turkey
Cafes around the Galata Tower. We ate in a restaurant across the street which was a lot less crowded and came with recco’s from ‘Istanbul eats’.

Thankfully our simple seafood dinner at a tiny restaurant across the street, called Furreya, turned out to be one of the best meals of that entire trip! And the concert? Magical and well worth the wait!

Music concert, Galata Tower – Istanbul, Turkey
Music concert, Galata Tower – Istanbul, Turkey

On our way back we stopped to listen to these street performers on Istiklal street. They were surprisingly good and we appreciated the fact that they insisted we accept their CD in exchange for the tip.

More rhythm on Istiklal!

OUR guys were kind of mollified when I suggested we stop at 360 – a bar/club – on the way back, for cocktails and more music. The cocktails were OK, the music great and the views certainly didn’t disappoint.

The two of them took no chances the next evening however. They opted to linger over coffee and people watch (people? I later overheard “gorgeous lady in a green dress”) while we explored the lanes off Istiklal, shopped, and got our fortunes read from coffee dregs! They sure missed out…….I think.

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