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Raja Gori, Thanjavur April 23

Thanjavur – The Forgotten Cenotaphs

Raja Gori, also known as Kailasa Mahal, is a complex of Maratha era funerary temples in Thanjavur. Possibly the only one of its kind in Tamilandu. A place few outsiders visit and that even some local guides are unaware of.

Shore Temple - Mahabalipuram November 27

Awesome Threesome!

It took the visit of two of my favourite bloggers – Bama & James – to get me to savour the treasures in my own own backyard….a Unesco World Heritage ensemble, no less! Here’s a threesome from the Mamallapuram Shore Temple for starters. (You surely didn’t think I was referring to us?) And another! Until next […]

The Ayyanar Horses November 24

The Clay Horses Of Ayyanar

Growing up in a small town joint-family with an incessant stream of visiting grand aunts and uncles fed my fascination for mythology, and left me with a fair knowledge of the Hindu pantheon and the stories they inhabit. But the blue skinned equestrian ‘God’ sticking out of the pile of polished antiques was unlike any I had seen before. His swarthy complexion had me mistaking […]