Xian – Where China Began

Small is relative in this country of superlatives, but Xian (pronounced Shi-Aan) wasn’t small by any stretch of the imagination. With a population of over eight million* and the wrecking balls in full swing, Xian is fast catching up with its larger counterparts. Despite all this, despite our surprise at its bigness, the constant grey skies and […]

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The Underground Army Of Han Yangling

Han Yangling Museum, Xian

Although the Terracota army of Emperor Qin is the main attraction in Xian, there is another lesser known subterranean army that is just as, if not more, impressive! The underground army of Han Emperor Jing Di Liu Qi and Empress Wang Zhi at Yangling, is six times larger, houses around 40,000 individual figures, and is supposed to have […]

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The Eternal Guardians of Qin!

Excavations of grand tombs and mausoleums around the globe are witness to the ancient world’s preoccupation with death and the afterlife. But the grandest excavation by far, has to be that of the terracotta army of Emperor Qin in Xian. The on site museum is concealed under an unsightly hangar like building. The sheer scale of […]

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