Kenrokuen Garden

Yes I think to myself………what a wonderful world!

Kenrokuen Garden, - Kanazawa, Japan
Kanazawa’s main attraction is the 25-acre Kenrokuen Garden, that once served as the Kanazawa castle’s outer garden and is considered one of three grandest of landscaped gardens in Japan.
Kenrokuen Garden, - Kanazawa, Japan
The six attributes its name signifies – spaciousness, careful arrangement, seclusion, antiquity, elaborate use of water, and scenic charm – are perfectly incorporated to create a spectacular landscape!
Kenrokuen Garden, - Kanazawa, Japan
Star spangled lake!
Kenrokuen Garden, - Kanazawa, Japan
Kenrokuen Garden, – Kanazawa, Japan
Kenrokuen Garden, - Kanazawa, Japan
Kenrokuen Garden, – Kanazawa, Japan

And if you still aren’t convinced, I think you should go check out my archives…

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76 thoughts on “Kenrokuen Garden

    1. Those are quite lovely and not mundane anymore, although that used to be a common means of transportation through the backwaters of my hometown! The challenge sounds interesting. I have no images that are good enough strangely! Am going to try and click new ones if I can. Thanks for sharing the link πŸ™‚

      1. Sorry, I realised after I had posted it that I wasn’t being very clear, especially I was talking about two photo challenges in one post!

        I meant you might find it mundane to consider photos of your home country because I think it is often harder to view where we live with fresh eyes such as those of a visitor. And if you don’t think you have any good ones maybe that proves my point.

        I’ll probably go for the second and third categories unforgettable, it stays with you and wherever you are.

        I don’t think any of mine fit the incredible category, and I can hardly nip back and take some more photos. Sadly. Although maybe one day…

  1. These are beautiful. We are so fortunate to be able to go to places (including through your lens) were we can have our souls nourished by this beauty.

      1. Pat, just so you know, your gravatar links to an ‘Alyssa Kohler’s’ blog – also titled ‘A New Day’!

  2. Some of the things I really miss here in Amman are parks and gardens… Thanks for offering us some “greenness”. I really needed it!

    1. Delighted you enjoyed these garden shots Adwoa πŸ™‚ We too sorely miss green public spaces around here.

  3. Excellent entry Madhu for this week topic ,
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful paradise images on earth,wow πŸ™‚

      1. Don’t worry, Madhu; I’ve been absent myself and have a lot of catching up to do. I just went to Ethiopia and haven’t even begun to post about that. We all have to get our material first!! πŸ™‚ It looks like your trip to Japan was amazing…

    1. That is a sweet thing to say Jo πŸ™‚ But you don’t need convincing, you have taken us to some wonderful places yourself!

  4. It truly is a wonderful world and you are wonderful too for sharing your travels with us πŸ™‚

  5. You deliver everytime … stunning photos – from the most beautiful places. What a pleasure to visit your world.

  6. Gardens, landscape, temples,… are poetically presented in Japan. Your beautiful photos make me want to revisit now. πŸ™‚

  7. I come from a family of gardners and I love and appreciate the work and planning that creates them. This is a beautiful place, Madhu…wonderful trip. My apologies for getting behind in replies…our visits to MIL are daily and lengthy.

  8. Wow Madhu…when i saw these I started humming ‘it’s a wonderful world’ and now it is driving me crazy…the song I mean

  9. I thought I recognized those images! Beautiful photos of this lovely Kenrokuen Garden. I went there when I was working in Kanazawa. Glad you got to visit this place.

  10. You you’ll get no argument from me about that, Madhu, as you know!

    Your pictures of Kenrokuen Gardens, as examples of just how wonderful this world can be are fantastic. The aesthetic of the Japanese garden as a stylised representations of nature has always appealed to me, and these gardens are all and more than I’ve ever imagined. I’m so glad your sister persuaded you to go to Japan with her – the timing was perfect and somehow seeing your pictures is much more satisfying than looking at photographs in glossy coffee table books.

    Great post – magnificent response to Jake’s ‘impossible’ challenge πŸ™‚

  11. Yes, the world is wonderful… The people in it just need to respect and treat each other with dignity and love.

  12. It’s so beautiful, pictures so awecome!
    Thanks for sharing with us.

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