Shinjuku By Night & Au Revoir

As some of you already know, I am off again, this time with R to Laos & Cambodia for two weeks.

That is misleading actually. R was very sure he didn’t want an in depth cultural immersion, so we are only going to Luang Prabang and Siem Reap, with brief stopovers in Vientiane and Phnom Penh. Plus 5 days in Bangkok on our way back. Shall have to return alone someday, to wander those intriguing smaller towns in both countries. (Or perhaps organise group tours ….that way, I kill two birds with one stone :-D)

I have so many loose ends to tie up before we leave on Saturday night, so this is going to be my last post for a while. You might still find me lurking around your blogs at odd hours though. Unless my laptop and mobile devices get confiscated!

Meanwhile hope you enjoy these photos of the iconic lights of Shinjuku. The last two are of a fab little bar nearby, that my sister and I escaped to with a few other friends. Our arrival instantly skewed the average age of their patrons upwards! (Just so you know, I was the youngest in our group.). Not that it bothered any of us. The images are quite shaken and stirred I am afraid, but that proves we were having fun right?

Au revoir…..Sonk Dii Der…..See you soon guys!

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Madhu is an Interior designer turned travel blogger on a long sabbatical to explore the world. When not crafting stories on The Urge To Wander, she's probably Tweeting @theurgetowander or sharing special moments on

66 thoughts on “Shinjuku By Night & Au Revoir

    1. You can live it too, if you are willing to put in the kind of time and effort to fulfill your dreams like we have. There is a reason we started late. Not easy, but achievable. Believe me 🙂

  1. Happy travels with R, and here’s to the occasional trip as a sole traveler where you can drink it all in at your own speed! Ha, literally and figuratively I suppose. 😉

    1. Thank you Elisa. He quite enjoys the drinking bit, just doesn’t want to be dragged to remote villages and too many temples and museums 🙂

  2. I am so jealous that you’re off to Laos and Cambodia – Bama and I loved every moment in Luang Prabang and I’m sure sceptical R will be happily surprised! Don’t forget to check out Tamarind, it was our favourite restaurant while we were there. Look for the Apsara Hotel beside the Nam Khan river. 🙂

    Happy travels Madhu!!

  3. Oh Madhu, I LOVE this post! You know, I am behind in all of my commenting etc. (as per usual), but I saw the title of this one pop up in my inbox and had to rush right over. The nostalgia! My husband and I had our first date in Shinjuku, and most of our dates after were there too. We always talk about how much we miss it, and all of the lights and buzz. What a great trip down memory lane. I will have to show him this entry tonight. perhaps we’ll have a glass a sake at the same time for old time’s sake 🙂 Hope you don’t stay away too long – continued happy travels to you, my friend. xox

    1. Delighted to have brought back such happy memories Anne 🙂
      I know the name of your blog is derived from Japanese words, but have no idea of what you did there! How long were you in Japan? You must have some wonderful stories to tell. Have you posted any in your blog?

      1. I actually went there from Canada to teach for a year (as a break from school). I met my future (American) husband there, and we ended up getting married, having our first baby and living there for just under 4 years. How love changes plans! I don’t think I’ve written anything about our time there on Z & G, but they are very happy memories for us 🙂

  4. Ah-a! This time I am catching you before you wander away 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful journey 🙂 As usual, lovely photographs! Looking forward to reading more of your travel memories here, once you return 🙂

  5. Wow, what a life you lead Madhu! How much time do you actually spend at home? I am green with envy (lol). 🙂

  6. The pictures do tell that you were having fun Madhu – and now are going away to have more fun. Good luck and have a safe and enjoyable trip.

  7. You sure are living large with all your travel plans. Unbelievable. Madhu, I hate you for showing us great night shots. You know, I can;t compete with your amazing pictures. 😀

  8. OH I’m sure that R will be blown away once he sees the temples at Angkor Wat. My hubby was – he was fascinated!

    Have a wonderful time, Madhu!

  9. MADHU! You upcoming trip to Laos & Cambodia sounds super exciting as I have never been to either so I’ll truly enjoy reading your future posts! … And these lights in Shinjuku are mesmerizing! I always love roaming here at night! I remember clearly how spectacular it was to simply stand here for the first time! Thanks for bringing me back to that place & time with these amazing photos! HAPPY TRAVELS!!!!!!

  10. I am so jealous, but know you will relate back to us all the wonderful details of your latest adventures. Have a safe and fun trip, Madhu!

  11. Amazing shots, Madhu! Bangkok is beautiful, I heard from my brother who goes there regularly. Have fun!

  12. Oh it sounds good nevertheless Madhu Aunty! Have a fabulous trip! 🙂 The Angkor temples are absolutely diiiiviiiine! 🙂

    Sent from my iPad

  13. I’m smiling! From Shinjuku to downtown Luang Prabang, or even Vientiene – I don’t think there can be many cities further apart in terms of glitz and flashing lights! Have a wonderful time! What delight awaits you both – yes, even R won’t mind the evenings, a Beer Lao (or so) by the river, the freshest fish … But drag him out of town for a day on the river somewhere because as beautiful as it is, Luang Prabang is really just a village and it’s now full of us, catering to us …

    1. PS – Don’t forget a bit of textile heaven in Vientiene – almost anywhere will be a treat but if you can park R at a cafe along the river and pop into Carol Cassidy’s you’ll have a ball – perfect recreations of ancient designs meet modern New York chic, all in the most lustrous super-saturated colour … to die for!

  14. Hi,
    Shinjuku at Tokyo night it’s fabulous. Japan to me it’s absolutely beautiful.

  15. I have gotten very far behind in my blogging, between the holidays and a work deadline, but now I get to catch up on your adventures. The header on this bog is so appealing! The photos are wonderful, lively, and remind me of New York.

    It is one adventure after another! This one sounds really exciting, Madhu. I can’t wait to hear about it. Have a great time and come home safe, with lots of pictures and stories. Warmly, Naomi

  16. Tokyo is one of my all time favorite cities….did you happen to walk around the Golden Gai when you were in this part of town? Greg and I wanted so badly to eat at one of the restaurants in there, but I don’t think they have an appreication for tourists – lol

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