Weekly Photo Challenge – Culture

Every custom, folklore, tradition and value system across Eastern cultures, is heavily influenced by religion. Secularisation of society and mass tourism, pose real threats to these shared beliefs and traditional ways of life.  Traditional dress is already on its way out, and language, customs and value systems are constantly under assault from global media.

Imagine a homogenous world without cultural variations. That would be a tragedy of huge proportions. 

“Every view of the world that becomes extinct,
every culture that disappears,
diminishes a possibility of life.”
~ Octavio Paz

Wat Mai Suwannaphumaham
Evening prayers in Wat Mai Suwannaphumaham, in Luang Prabang. (Click on the image to read my post- ‘A Glimpse Of The Sacred’)
Alms giving ceremony - Luang Prabang, Laos
A grandfather passing on the tradition of the alms giving ceremony to his little granddaughter!
Kapaleehwarar Temple, Mylapore - Chennai, India
Garlands for Lord Kapaleeswarar, Chennai.
What is a Hindu ritual without flowers? We often debate the prudence of spending half one’s daily wages on flowers to adorn a lady’s hair (particularly here in Tamilnadu), but that is a cultural thing:-)
Golden Mount - Bangkok, Thailand
Language is a key component of culture and regional identity of course. And bells, gongs and cymbals are used in rituals – as a means to ‘summon the Gods’- across the Eastern world.
Erawan shrine - Bangkok, Thailand
Daily prayers at the Hindu Erawan shrine, right next to the mega malls of Bangkok!

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