My Elusive Neighbours!

It has been a good season for the mango tree caressing my fourth floor kitchen window. It’s branches are heavy with fruit, and two mangoes close enough to reach out and touch, were eliciting so much attention, I had to run in and grab my camera! First it was a furry squirrel who was so busy gorging he didn’t have time to lift his head and say hello.
Parrot & mango
Then this beauty weighed the pros and cons of an unripe fruit nearby…….
Parrot & mango
…and hopped on over to the tried and tested one.
Parrot & mango
Followed by her elusive cousin who threw caution to the winds and ignored the crazy lady with the black thingie for a change!

Parrot & mango
Aah, I know how good that tastes….I wonder what I am going to do when the mango season ends too!

Midway through the feast my camera got distracted and latched onto this wise old lady meditating in the background…
Parrot in the background
…who did deign to turn around and show me her pretty face.
Parrot in the background
Thank you for visiting and have a great week ahead.

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Madhu is an Interior designer turned travel blogger on a long sabbatical to explore the world. When not crafting stories on The Urge To Wander, she's probably Tweeting @theurgetowander or sharing special moments on

166 thoughts on “My Elusive Neighbours!

  1. I’ve two mango trees and experienced squirrel/fruit fly/bird problem. This was solved:
    Squirrels – Use a one way door trap (either kill or release the vermin)
    Bird – Use bird netting during ripening to deter birds.
    Maggots/Fruit flies – Apple cider vinegar/soap drop in a bottle with holes.

    You should see more mangoes with wastage reduction. Rear honey bees if possible. Fastens up pollination during flowering season. Good luck

  2. Beautiful shots! Needless to say, thatI am green with envy over the greenery you live in and those fruits just within reach. Coudl you believe it, that in Bali Mango trees grow along the roadside and no one picks the fruits, leaving them to the monkeys to have a feast on? In Indoesna Mangoes are eaten raw with a Palm Sugar dressing, however I prefer a ripem, sweet and aromatic mango…..hmmm! Something we badly miss out here as expats!

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