And Now Some Tasteful Japanese Aesthetic….

Tokyo’s kitschy English signs, like the ones I linked to yesterday, are purely for the consumption of the young wannabe urbanite.

The signage in smaller towns, particularly in the well preserved old towns, adhere to the spare, subtle norms of Japanese aesthetic. Elegant and beautiful, quite like the artful plating of their food, or the simplicity of their gardens.

I found these creative signs enchanting. The last one outside a restaurant had a mechanised figure holding a menucard. Touristy perhaps, but cute 🙂

Sabi or the appeal of natural patina and aging, is an integral component of Japanese design, and is evident in these beautifully textured signboards.

Donut Sign - Kyoto, Japan

And I love the stark vernacular appeal of this patently Western import 🙂

Until next time…..happy travels, no matter where life takes you!

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