Some Tasteful Japanese Aesthetic….

Tokyo’s kitschy English signs, like the ones I linked to yesterday, are purely for the consumption of the young wannabe urbanite. The signage in smaller towns, particularly in the well preserved old towns, adhere to the spare, subtle norms of Japanese aesthetic. Elegant and beautiful, quite like the artful plating of their food or the […]

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Conspicuous Contrast

The streets around the glittering malls of Bangkok magically transform into a night market every evening, particularly during the festive season. Walking back from dinner one evening, we were struck by the stark contrast between the little roadside stalls and the luxury brand hoardings on the facades of the malls behind.  A contrast of fantasy v/s reality, […]

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As Know As Pinky!!!

Shop sgns, Japan

I was determined to post something today. Even if I could only manage to lift my head up long enough to click ‘publish’. Battling a nasty virus, stuffy nose, swollen throat, fever, et al. And the grey, gloomy, drippy weather isn’t helping any. Seems like only the other day that we were pining for rain…..for a […]

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