As Know As Pinky!!!

I was determined to post something today. Even if I could only manage to lift my head up long enough to click ‘publish’. Battling a nasty virus, stuffy nose, swollen throat, fever, et al. And the grey, gloomy, drippy weather isn’t helping any.

Seems like only the other day that we were pining for rain…..for a respite from the torridity. But I hate the rain. Well not rain exactly, but rain in Chennai. Rumi would certainly have an enlightened couplet about the ingratitude of the human species. But I still hate rain in Chennai.

Especially when our drains get choked and the roads overflow with rain water mixed with God knows what! My OCD kicks in full pelt in this weather, and my worst phobia is of getting stuck on a flooded street. I have told R that if my car ever stalls during a downpour, I shall climb up on to the roof and wait for a truck driver to rescue me ‘filmi style’ as they say here. No way am I wading through that slush!

Am I rambling? I am. Time for my medication.

This post was supposed to take my mind off of all of this and bring you some smiles. Hope it does 🙂

A tad presumptuous from an Indian, but you have to agree funny is funny 🙂