The Pigeon Feeder Of Rue Montorgueil

It was obvious the flock knew him well.

They flapped around in frenzied anticipation and then swooped down to his feet in an impatient huddle. I hadn’t noticed the arrival of the bent old man with the beatific smile until then, intent as I was on collecting supplies for our picnic on the Seine. He dragged a huge garbage bag on wheels that probably contained all his earthly possessions. Another smaller bag was filled with goodies for his avian friends.

This little tableaux held no appeal whatsoever to anyone else on the street. Not the pedestrians, or shop owners, or the cafe crowd. No one saw him. Perhaps it was easier that way. How many of the homeless poor back home, do I actually see?

But the joy on his face, belied his invisible status. 

The Pigeon Feeder on Rue Montorgueil, Paris

Below is a slideshow of the Rue Montorgueil attractions, that would otherwise have been the focus of this post:

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