In Photos – La Tour Eiffel

Awaiting the illumination of the 125-year-old iconic Parisian landmark on a pleasant summer evening on the Champ de Mars, ought to have been a romantic experience. But the presence there of an unbelievably large number of people with the same intention ensured it wasn’t. With no sign of a stubborn sun giving way to dusk […]

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Les Rues De Paris

Paris Street

R is going to be away on an unexpected business trip to New Zealand at the end of next this month with colleagues, and having been given to understand in no uncertain terms that my accompanying him would be a distraction, I suddenly find myself with two weeks of free time and no real plans. The […]

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Paris – Flea Market Finds

Village Saint Paul, PAris

The Village Saint Paul is a block of medieval buildings in the historic Marais neighbourhood in Paris, sandwiched between Rue Saint-Paul and Rue des Jardin Saint-Paul. It is a lovely tranquil space to while away a lazy weekend afternoon if you are in the vicinity, rummaging through antique and second hand stalls. The weekly Brocante […]

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Paris – Oddly Juxtaposed

The integrity and identity of historic urban spaces the world over, is under threat from unbridled growth and global integration.  Especially in third world countries, where cultural heritage takes a back seat to new found aspirations of development & progress, despite the efforts of conservation groups. But when managed sensitively, it is the very contradictions […]

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Paris – Allée des Justes

A 60 metre stretch of road bordering the Shoah Memorial, in the Marais, once known as the Rue Grenier sur l’Eau, renamed ‘Allée des Justes‘ in June 2006, in tribute to those that did not forget the meaning of community. A pity our supreme court did. PS: I was amazed when my post on the […]

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Paris – Power Nap!

No history lesson today. Just my envy of those that can grab a quick shut eye, any time, anywhere! I can never sleep during the day. Except when I am in a moving vehicle. Then I slide into deep slumber. Carcolepsy, I believe that is called! Doesn’t kick in when I am behind the wheel […]

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A Passion For Egypt

Goddess Anukhet - Musee du Louvre

A few treasures from the Egyptian Antiquities section of the Louvre Museum & reflections on plundered art and antiquities around the world.

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Paris – Surprise Finds!

rompe l'oeil windows- Paris

There is no saying what unexpected surprises await you on Paris street corners. Take a look at what I found at the intersection of Rue Aubry le Boucher and Rue Quincampoix, near the Centre Georges Pompidou! Thank you for visiting, and have a great weekend.

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The Pigeon Feeder Of Rue Montorgueil

It was obvious the flock knew him well. They flapped around in frenzied anticipation and then swooped down to his feet in an impatient huddle. I hadn’t noticed the arrival of the bent old man with the beatific smile until then, intent as I was on collecting supplies for our picnic on the Seine. He dragged […]

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Paris Horizon

We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon. ~ Konrad Adenauer Thank you for visiting and have a great weekend.

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Paris – A Hi-Tech Mashrabiyya

World Arab Institute, Paris

Drawing inspiration from traditional Islamic Mashrabiyyas (Lattice worked enclosures), architect Jean Nouvel designed this fantastic facade for the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris. That elevation isn’t just decorative though. It is in fact a giant ocular device. Its several hundred light sensing diaphragms regulate the amount of light penetrating the building by altering the size of their apertures….quite […]

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Paris – Métro Station Cité

Cité, the only metro station on the Île de la Cité – the island where Paris began – is better known for its original, Hector Guimard designed, sinuous green cast-iron entrance (above). But its interior is no less appealing.Until next time…..happy travels no matter where life takes you.

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