In Photos – La Tour Eiffel

Awaiting the illumination of the 125-year-old iconic Parisian landmark on a pleasant summer evening on the Champ de Mars, ought to have been a romantic experience. But the presence there of an unbelievably large number of people with the same intention ensured it wasn’t. With no sign of a stubborn sun giving way to dusk…

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A Passion For Egypt

Plundered art and antiques, should rightfully be returned to their countries of origin and displayed in situ. So I believed, very passionately, until I learned of the burning of the Institute d’Egypte, near Tahrir square in Cairo in December 2011. And of the destruction of almost all the precious manuscripts it contained. Among them, it…

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Sheltering from the rain in Galerie Vivienne

The heavens decided to open up while we were in the vicinity of Rue des Petits-Champs in Paris after many, many hours in the Louvre and a wonderful souffle lunch at – where else but – Le Souffle! So we ducked into the Galerie Vivienne, one of the historic ‘Passages Couverts’ in Paris.Galerie Vivienne – 4 Rue Petits Champs Built specifically…

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