Les Rues De Paris

R is going to be away on an unexpected business trip to New Zealand at the end of next this month with colleagues, and having been given to understand in no uncertain terms that my accompanying him would be a distraction, I suddenly find myself with two weeks of free time and no real plans! The compulsive planner in me is in a tizzy about what to do with myself during his absence. Or rather where to go.

Remember that unlike most of you, we don’t enjoy favoured status among visitors and cannot travel without visas to most countries, the application process for which, without exception, can be convoluted and painful.  The handful that do grant us papers on arrival are the ones I have no desire to visit in summer.

While I mull over my options, and hunt for deals (yes, that is one reason among others, why I have been off the radar for a while) here are streetscapes from a destination – at the opposite end of the spectrum from Calcutta – that I am so familiar with, and that I am sorely tempted to go back to!


Walking across the Pont Alexander III

On Pont Alexander III


Oh so French neutrals and pops of colour! - On the streets of Saint Germain.

A model in the making on the streets of Saint Germain – I think the neutrals and pops of colour are oh so French!



Paris Cafe

Corner Cafeat dusk – 1st arrondisement

Until next time….happy travels, no matter where life takes you.

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