Just Google It!

The increased reach of internet connectivity has no doubt robbed travel agents of many commission dollars – our agent has point blank refused to help with visas alone, ever since we started booking flights and hotels online – while it has opened up untold opportunities to the independent traveler.

With access to vast databases of firsthand traveler reviews and experiences, the whole world is practically at your fingertips. With a bit of patience, and a lot more cash.

And of course, Google.

That ubiquitous staple of modern society, whose name in fifteen short years has become as genericised as Xerox or Band Aid.

And just in case there is still anyone in the subcontinent that hasn’t heard of the search engine, Ogilvy India has launched this masterful advertising campaign that invokes the bitter memory of partition while hitting all our mushy, sentimental buttons.

In Hindi with subtitles, but words are redundant really. Take a look.

A bit of a fairytale, because I believe the visa process is not quite as simple as portrayed. But the runaway success of the campaign points to the fact that at a fundamental level people on both sides long for peace.

But who is listening? Or should I say, watching?

In tribute to the marvel of the connectivity that makes all this – us – possible!

Have a great week ahead.

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Madhu is an Interior designer turned travel blogger on a long sabbatical to explore the world. When not crafting stories on The Urge To Wander, she's probably Tweeting @theurgetowander or sharing special moments on instagram.com/theurgetowander

98 thoughts on “Just Google It!

  1. Google is dear to my heart Madhu, that is what number two son does in Paris, so we have lived up close to the buzz since he joined in about 2005 … I found unknown family too through the internet, a modern day miracle … and it certainly makes travel so much easier doesn’t it? Such a wonderful little film, I don’t wear makeup but I still need a tissue!

  2. Partitions are painful. In countries and in families. This is a wonderful story even if it depicts a fairytale view of real life. I like the fairy tale version better… 🙂

    1. So do I George 🙂 And from the way people on both sides of our border are lapping this up, so do they! That has to be good.

  3. This is not my wound, my sorrow, my separation —
    and I cried all the way through it anyway! Yes, my friend, we all long for peace and connection. This gives us a taste. Thank you.
    Namaste, Madhu.
    Some day maybe we will see you here!

    1. You never know Judith 🙂 Glad this touched a chord. And here’s wishing the world fewer boundaries in the coming year!

  4. Oh, that was very beautiful, Madhu. Good thing I had a tissue at hand while I was watching it. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  5. As Brits in Hong Kong, we’re just in the process of getting Visas to travel to India – 7 working days, 3 visits to the consular department and fiendishly expensive. So no, not quite as easy a process as depicted. On the other hand, I also used Google to find a childhood relative/friend of my father. They hadn’t been in touch for 50 years and the reunion was every bit as emotional as depicted in the video, so that aspect is very real.
    A great post Madhu, thanks very much

    1. How wonderful that you were able to track down your dad’s childhood friend! I feel this campaign might have been inspired by real life stories such as yours.
      The visa process isn’t any less difficult for Asians traveling to the West either. But you can multiply the hassles several fold for Pakistani residents traveling to India and vice versa 😉

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