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Seeking Gratitude…..

The year that dawned for us with a magical sunrise over Bagan, has reneged on its promise. We have spent the past several months in and out of hospital ICUs. My remarkable 95 year old father-in-law has miraculously pulled through. But my brother, a victim of Alzheimer’s, succumbed to an infection last month. Three weeks to the day, my handsome, […]

Lotus bds from Kolkata Flower Market July 02

For Christine


May 10

A Mothers Day Safari….

Having plumbed the depths of love, guilt and sorrow in a 2012 tribute to my mother brought on by a visit to my childhood home, I pretty much ignored mothers day on this blog for the last two years. Today, I take you on a lighthearted exploration of the maternal-filial bond with these four legged creatures, […]

February 07

In Honour Of Trees….

I grew up surrounded by trees. A huge variety of them. Like those nostalgic songs that evoke different stages of my life, trees transport me to those carefree days when we spent every spare moment outdoors. I remember the undiluted pleasure of reading favourite books ensconced in the leafy, low hung branches of a cashew tree. Of dawdling beneath the night jasmine, before hopping […]

January 27

Joy Is……(No.6)

  The glint of gold on my mango tree!!! Related articles: Kan Walk Will Travel – Joy is…. More from my mango tree!  

December 22

Embrace The Light

While this isn’t exactly the pylons of Karnak temple on the winter solstice, the sight of sunlight streaming into my living room at the end of a gloomy day is a sight to be celebrated.  Never mind, that it is blocked out most evenings for the discomfort it generates in muggy Madras. –   Wishing you all, […]

November 19

The Urge To Wander Now On Viber Public Chats!

I am excited to announce The Urge To Wander’s own chat stream on Viber Public Chats: a new feature by Viber, launched just this morning. Download the latest version of Viber and follow live updates at on your smartphones.