Farewell Dear Friend


Christine 1

Christine of Dadirridreaming died this morning.

It is strange how some of our virtual connections seem so real. So special. How they transcend time and space and the barriers of geography, race and religion. My friendship with Christine was one such. We ‘met’ in February 2012,  just a month after I started my blog, and I have cherished my interactions with her ever since. Along with her calm spirituality, her wisdom, her deep appreciation of the beauty of nature, her joy for life.

I had hoped to meet her in person one day.  And now she is gone. Just like that. But I know she is at peace. She always was.

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I am content to do what little I can to bring light and love to those around me

You did Christine. More than you will ever know. And you will be missed.


PS: All photos Christine’s own, from her blog Daidirridreaming.