Could be my vintage, but far too many things make me feel nostalgic these days.

Photographs and memories bring it on of course. As well as my mother’s handwriting on yellowing sheets of paper.

A flowing river never fails to take me back to my childhood home. Sunsets on the East coast – where I live – almost always remind me of the brilliant displays I took for granted growing up in the West.Memories

Then there is the rain. The smell of rain. Not the messy ‘flood at the hint of a drizzle’ kind of rain that we have here in Chennai, but the unrelenting, joyful South West monsoons that drenched us with its magic.

And songs. Songs that seem so inextricably linked to my past, and conjure up such vivid memories on occasion, that they make my eyes brim with nostalgia for ‘the way we were’.

Take away this wealth, this fame as well
Snatch away my youth from me, if you must
But do give back to me the monsoons of my childhood…
those paper boats, those rivulets of rain (water)
~ From the Ghazal (Translated from the original in Urdu)
“Yeh Daulat Bhi Le Lo” by Jagjit Singh