The Historical Government House Of Takayama

If you have ever been captivated by tales of fierce samurai and feudal warlords, you will love Takayama.

Hida-Takayama is said to be one of few cities in Japan to retain its medieval character, particularly in the timber architecture of the old town that dates back to the Edo* era (1603 -1868). A period when the fragmented country transitioned from turbulence under warring chieftains to centralized imperial rule..

There is no better place than Takayama Jinya, the only surviving regional government office (of the sixty built across Japan at the time), to get a feel for how the representatives of the powerful Shogunate functioned. It also served as the governor’s residence and was in continuous use from 1692 to 1969 when it’s importance as a ‘Historicall National Asset’ was realised.

Come join me on a tour of the Jinya and its many tatami covered rooms.

But don’t forget to take off your shoes before you enter.

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*The word Edo refers to the city of Tokyo.