A Monkey Parade!

No, not the parade for hopeful courting teenagers!

This was a trooping ‘home’ of scores of simians across the roof behind the Gateway hotel in Coonoor, and up a nearby tree to wherever it is they bed down for the night! I am guessing leaving room doors open here isn’t an option.

Although not part of the parade, I couldn’t resist including little Hanuman (as Meredith would surely have named him) and his adoring mom, who I captured on the highway, against R’s dire warnings about getting mauled and having my camera snatched away. I admit it was foolhardy of me, but just look at them!
DSC_4737 copy 2
Happy Thursday!

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Hi, I'm Madhu. Wanderer. Travel blogger. Story teller. Bitten late and hard by the travel bug, I am on a mission to make up for lost time.

97 thoughts on “A Monkey Parade!

  1. Macaques are prevalent in Singapore. Due to indiscriminate feeding by humans – these are now a pest – I meant, the humans 🙂

  2. That shot of Hanuman and his mother was clearly worth the risk, I think! The macaques of Coonoor look less mischievous than the ones of Bali, but what do I know, appearances may be deceiving… 🙂

    1. It must be the excessive interaction with tourists that turns them aggressive James. These are less accustomed to easy food, although I am sure they must be a nuisance near the parks where tourists picnic during season. I found the Coatis in Iguazu just as pesky!

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