Travel Quote Series – Finding The Beautiful

Beneath the Howrah Bridge – Kolkata, India

The ‘City of Joy’ has had its fair share of bad press over the years, but there is much beauty to be found in Calcutta if only one cares to look.

Until next time….happy travels, no matter where life takes you.

Travel Quote Series (1-15)

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45 thoughts on “Travel Quote Series – Finding The Beautiful

  1. Like the pairing up of the quote and the photograph, the perfect compliments. (Your blog looks nice too, although I did like the past version as well!)

  2. P.S. When did you change your theme? It looks very neat. I like it better than the two previous ones.

    1. Its the same theme Paula. I just discarded the background image and changed the title font. I like this better too.

  3. Absolutely true! And this bridge is beautiful too. I think that Emerson is my favourite quoter.

    1. Mine too. That bridge is the symbol of Calcutta. It was renamed Rabindra Sethu (Bridge) after you know who 🙂 But people still refer to it as the Howrah.

  4. Yes, the city of Kolkatta is full of joy and again it is in our mind and the eye to behold, so much to explore and cherish in this city of history and heritage, culture and traditions aplenty…
    Beautiful words in the quote…

    1. Jo it is not quite your English countryside, but enjoyable if you have an open mind. And a nice place to retire to every evening 😀

  5. Calcutta? Bad press? I would so embrace every bit of Calcutta’s bad press. Seen it in The Amazing Race over and over again, and I would love to be there myself.

    1. But you always carry the beautiful with you Rommel! I know you will not be disappointed 🙂 Try and plan a trip East before you leave Greece.

  6. “if only one cares to look” perfectly encapsulated, madhu. if people cared enough, they’d find every country to be a portion of their own.

  7. What a wonderful idea of posting using Travel quotes theme! Will look thru’ all the others soon.

  8. What a beautiful combination of words and image, Madhu! The perfect mood, it deserves a frame.

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