Travel Quote Series – The Enduring Value Of Experiences

Travel Quote Series 20

I loved collecting ‘things’, once upon a time. Objects for the house. Clothes and accessories. And being Indian, jewellery. Because they gave me pleasure, and because it was the done thing. Today, I cannot look at anything of monetary value without converting the cost into travel terms. I have walked out of many stores with a […]

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Travel Quote Series – The Anticipation of Lands Unknown

Travel Quote - Departure into unknown lands

  I would personally qualify the above with the addition of two words: ‘Some of….’ It might be considered blasphemous in the travel blogging community, and among the propagators of solo and full time travel, to admit to not all (my) gladdest moments being travel related. But I shall be quick to add, that while the anticipation of a departure into lands unknown does not quite measure […]

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Travel Quote Series – Free Yourself

Pergamom, Turkey

I believe implicitly in the capacity of all human beings to achieve their dreams if they put their minds to it. I also believe that when you want something badly enough, you – and the universe – will usually find ways to make it happen. Within reason of course. For I know from experience how a lack of means, […]

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Travel Quote Series – You Are The Foreigner

Especially for those who whine about locals not speaking English. Until next time…………happy travels, no matter where life takes you. Related: Jinrikisha – The Pulled Rickshaw Paula’s Thursday Special – Guest Challenge – Street Portraits

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Travel Quote Series – Finding The Beautiful

The ‘City of Joy’ has had its fair share of bad press over the years, but there is much beauty to be found in Calcutta if only one cares to look. Until next time….happy travels, no matter where life takes you. Travel Quote Series (1-15)

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