Travel Quote Series

Having a finger in every social media pie involves a certain amount of juggling: of content as well as time. Most standard networks are automatically updated via ‘publicize’ when I update the blog. Viber Public Chats being a new platform however, is not included in the ‘publicize’ list and needs to be manually updated. So I created a weekly series of travel quotes paired with my favourite images especially for VPC, that I then re-posted on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter on subsequent days. They have been received with so much appreciation that I feel it is a shame to not use the series to direct traffic back to the blog.

Starting next Saturday, the quotes will appear here first. Below is the latest from the series: an inspirational quote by Maya Angelou paired with one of my favourite images from Hangzhou, China.

Monks with cell phone - Hangzhou, China
Underscoring the universality of adolescents with mobile phones!

And here are the fourteen from preceding weeks:

Until next time……happy travels, no matter where life takes you.