Faces Of Jodhpur

One of my earliest posts on this blog dealt with my fascination for the ‘people of my places‘:

“I find people amusing, fascinating, inspiring. When I travel I enjoy sitting in a cafe, looking out onto a busy street and observing random strangers going about their daily lives. It gives me a feel for their culture. A feel for who they are and the stories behind their faces. Not to mention those impromptu scenes, that wayward glance, that enigmatic smile……just begging to be captured and transformed into enduring memories.

Nothing’s changed! As you can see from this sequel to my ‘Colours Of Jodhpur

A tonga (horse carriage) wallah with presence!
A tonga (horse carriage) wallah with presence!
DSC_0341 copy
A heart-breaker in the bazaar….
DSC_0343 copy
And his nervous mum. She wasn’t sure hubby would approve, but he did!
DSC_0293 copy
Busker in the Mehrangarh fort
Whose demure wife was too shy to pose for me.
Whose demure wife was too shy to pose for me.
DSC_0424 copy
You might remember that arm piece!
DSC_9632 copy
A rather street smart and utterly captivating little rag picker.
Adore that nose-ring! And the red ‘Odhni’.

Until next time…….happy travels, no matter where life takes you.

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