Déjà vu – Petra Revisited!

My recent focus on Jordan had me browsing through my archives and I thought this piece on Petra merited revisiting,


So here it is, edited and revamped with a gallery of new images for those of you who have already read it before. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed revisiting this incredible Nabatean city.


Until next time….happy travels, no matter where life takes you!

The Urge To Wander

To my mind, it is the long preparatory trek through the narrow path – the 1.2 km gorge called the Siq – that lays the groundwork for the dramatic unveiling of the city of Petra.

DSC_6014 copy

A natural geological fault, eroded smooth by sand, water and wind, and with walls of up to 182 metres (600 feet) high, this is the grand entrance to the city, once topped by a triumphal arch. Interspersed with eroded shrines and votive niches, it narrows to less than 3 metres at some points, and as you turn into the final bend, you come upon, with breathtaking, unexpected suddenness, the marvelous Al Kazhneh!

Was it a tomb? A temple? A library? Its uncanny resemblance to the facades of well known libraries like the one in Ephesus, and its similar floor plan, make the latter highly plausible. But no one really knows for sure. The Tholos or urn…

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