Bangkok – Phra Buddhasaiyas In Perspective

The Reclining Buddha, Bangkok

The highlight of the 17th century Wat Pho, the temple adjacent to the royal palace, that is also a school of traditional Thai massage, is the golden reclining Buddha or Phra Buddhasaiyas. This 46 meter long gilded statue is also the most visited tourist attraction in Bangkok, so braving throngs is de rigueur. We passed by […]

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Lunchtime Memories…

I almost always forget to click pictures when we sit down for a meal. I have been trying hard to remedy that, but I relapse sometimes. Like I forgot again yesterday, until most of my fish was demolished! Good conversation distracts me….and an inadequate breakfast. This gallery consists of a few lunchtime memories, that I […]

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Meditating Beneath Metal Spires

Loha Prasat

If only one of two historic monuments were to be saved from the wrecking ball based purely on antiquity, cultural relevance or singularity, which factor do you think should take precedence? In a city full of Wats, the sacrifice of a heritage Art Deco theater to expose yet another Wat concealed behind it for years, and one of later vintage, […]

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The Scented Colours Of Pak Klong Talat

Flower Market, Bangkok

The perfumed air gives notice of the visual feast to follow. With its kaleidoscopic array of vibrant blooms, the Pak Klong Talat, is the largest wholesale fresh flower market in Bangkok. It’s proximity to the temple of the reclining Buddha, and easy access from a river pier, makes it an ideal stop to be combined with a city […]

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