The Scented Colours Of Pak Klong Talat

The perfumed air gives notice of the visual feast to follow.

With its kaleidoscopic array of vibrant blooms, the Pak Klong Talat, is the largest wholesale fresh flower market in Bangkok.
Colourful flowers
It’s proximity to the temple of the reclining Buddha, and easy access from a river pier, makes it an ideal stop to be combined with a city itinerary. But I suspect very few tourists actually visit!
Lotus seller
Midnight or dawn is touted to be the ideal time to catch the buzz of activity surrounding the unloading of fresh arrivals and the ritual of early transactions.
Flower Market
But we find the relative quiet of late afternoon very enjoyable, as the market readies for the evening retail custom with simple arrangements and temple offerings.
Flower Market
And as dusk approaches, we watch the warm light filtering through the overhead canopies, saturate the psychedelic contents of the plastic bins beneath.