The Parrot Astrologers Of Tamilnadu

For centuries people across the world have tried various means to divine what the future holds for them……pendulums, spirit boards, tarot cards, crystal gazing, palmistry or even from the pattern left by tea leaves or coffee dregs in the bottom of a cup! Heck, I have tried a few just for the fun of it.

But have you ever had your future told by…a bird?

Meet the parrot astrologers of Tamilnadu!

Parrot astrologers foretell your future with the help of green parakeets (the rose ringed in this instance), called Kili in Tamil, hence the name Kili Jodishyam. The parrot is trained to pick up cards from a deck on cue, and choose that one perfect match, from which the astrologer interprets the clients future and answers specific questions!

One astrologer said in an interview “It is a science. Out of my 10 predictions, at least one will come true in life.” Really? 

He added “But people are losing faith in parrot astrology these days.” I wonder why!

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65 thoughts on “The Parrot Astrologers Of Tamilnadu

  1. That is something I have never heard of. I’m so pleased to have been introduced to such a “colourful” tradition–who’da thunk?! Great pics too!

    1. Then I shall have to look out for more of the “Who’da thunk” traditions. India is a veritable treasure chest of such things 🙂 Living in the big city makes it a bit more difficult though.

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