The Parrot Astrologers Of Tamilnadu

For centuries people across the world have tried various means to divine what the future holds for them……pendulums, spirit boards, tarot cards, crystal gazing, palmistry or even from the pattern left by tea leaves or coffee dregs in the bottom of a cup! Heck, I have tried a few just for the fun of it.

But have you ever had your future told by…a bird?

Meet the parrot astrologers of Tamilnadu!

Parrot astrologers foretell your future with the help of green parakeets (the rose ringed in this instance), called Kili in Tamil, hence the name Kili Jodishyam. The parrot is trained to pick up cards from a deck on cue, and choose that one perfect match, from which the astrologer interprets the clients future and answers specific questions!

One astrologer said in an interview “It is a science. Out of my 10 predictions, at least one will come true in life.” Really? 

He added “But people are losing faith in parrot astrology these days.” I wonder why!

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65 thoughts on “The Parrot Astrologers Of Tamilnadu

    1. It shall be my pleasure to take you to one if you ever visit India 😀
      I was clueless what I was going to post for your challenge Ailsa, until I chanced upon this guy and his bird outside the restaurant we went to for lunch yesterday!

      1. Perfect timing, Madhu – almost as if the parrot predicted you’d be needing something for the challenge… Coincidence? I think not. PS When I visit India, I am totally taking you up on that offer! 🙂

  1. He, he, he. Madhu. This is great, and something to try for some of my friends who have tried everything else, without finding what they are looking for…

  2. A wonderful post for the theme. So the saying “a little bird told me” is true? Pictures worth a thousand words.


    1. Neither do I, but all of us have our horoscopes made at birth. I have a little booklet with my entire life spelt out in 20 year periods!! Quite accurate depending on how it is read 🙂 I refused horoscopes for my daughter and grandchildren though. Didn’t want their decisions influenced by ‘destiny’!!

  3. Now there’s something I haven’t seen before! It seems more like statistics than science to me–I would think that if they’re vague enough and enough time passes, at least one prediction out of ten would be realized. 😉

  4. I’m a total sucker for this kind of thing….but it would make me really nervous having a bird forecast my furture….to believe or not to believe. Fun post Madhu.

    1. Oh we have loads of fascinating and sometimes weird traditions in India, I don’t have pictures for any of the others though 🙂

  5. So cute and interesting. I have never heard of bird astrology. Thanks for making me smile 🙂

  6. I read the book, A Fortune Teller Told Me, but parrot astrologers weren’t mentioned. I wonder what will take its place if indeed parrot astrology is on the way out. Something will. Interesting blog.

    1. I guess they do AD or he wouldn’t be there. This guy was focusing mainly on tourists though…saw at least two westerners get their fortunes read…all for fun of course 🙂

  7. Never heard of this, but I would give it a go. 1/10 though, I think I could manage that on my own, but the little guy is cute.

  8. Clever bird! I too can predict the future: I predict that at some point this evening my dad will get a bite on the butt from a very cute little dog, who will then be chased around the garden. hehehehe

    1. It certainly is talented and well trained! I noticed that it got some treat, mainly some grain, after every pick 🙂

  9. This is very interesting and informative. THis reminds me of Paul the Octopus from a couple of years ago whose feeding behavior was used to predict (correctly) the winners of a soccer match. 🙂

  10. I’ve had two psychics – not birds – give me a reading. That’s as close as I want to come to knowing my future. They were on target. Really shook me.
    I think I’d feel better about the bird’s predictions. 🙂

    1. I suspect most predictions are worded to sound accurate Judy! I was stunned by how accurate the coffee reader in Istanbul sounded! And my horoscope predicts, almost to the month, the date of my marriage and through mine, my daughters too! Uncanny even for a cynic like me 🙂 Scared me off making horoscopes for any of the kids!

  11. Madhu, you transported me right back to my Bangalore neighborhood where I grew up – the area was dominated by Tamilians and the Kili Jodhishyam was famous there. Thanks for bringing back old memories.

    1. You are welcome Shaantz. Did you live in Malleswaram? Time seems to have stood still in that part of Bangalore! But the humongous Mantri Mall is a rude invasion.

      1. We lived in Bangalore Cantonment area – heard of the Ulsoor Lake? We lived in that area for some years during my school/college days and I’ve seen many a kili busy at work!

    1. Yes it does Kavi 🙂 I have been meaning to visit one of the Nadi jothisyam centres. R refuses to come with me, will have to caox one of my friends.

  12. It would be even cooler to hear the predictions from his own beak :). This is a winning post Madhu :)…left us all with big smiles.

  13. That is something I have never heard of. I’m so pleased to have been introduced to such a “colourful” tradition–who’da thunk?! Great pics too!

    1. Then I shall have to look out for more of the “Who’da thunk” traditions. India is a veritable treasure chest of such things 🙂 Living in the big city makes it a bit more difficult though.

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