Dragon Of Fortune!

The swirling gilded zodiac ceiling opens slowly to dramatic sound and light effects.

The floor splits open and a golden dragon emerges in a cloud of pink fog with smoke billowing out of its nostrils…a phantasmagorical spectacle that is supposed to symbolise “vitality, good fortune and well-being”!

The Dragon of Fortune show in the rotunda of Wynne Macau is an over the top, Vegas style tourist attraction…just the kind we usually avoid.

But we had time to spare before our return ferry to Hong Kong and none of our other options to while away that time could hold up a candle to this fantastic free show in genteel surroundings. Besides, we got to use their free shuttle to the pier.

Zodiac ceiling, Dragon of Fortune Show, Wynn Macau.

The gilded zodiac ceiling opens with great drama…

The zodiac ceiling opens to special effects - Dragon Show, Wynn Macau.

Then the dragon emerges from the floor, rearing upto 28 feet.

The smoke belching dragon has glowing eyes and an animated head.

Golden Lotus Bud - Dragon of Fortune, Wynn Macau.

A twelve foot lotus blossom appears from the centre and ‘blooms’ to reveal a crystal in its heart!

Goldeb Dragon - Dragon of Fortune Show, Wynn Macau.

At the end of four minutes the dragon returns to its lair, the ceiling closes and the lights come on as if the whole thing never happened, like it was all just a dream! Except for the ecstatic applause of local tourists.

I half expected the dragon to climb back up and take a bow.


SHOW PRICE & DURATION: Free; 4 Minutes

SHOW TIMING: Daily, 10:00 am to midnight (at 30-minute intervals alternating between the Tree of Prosperity and the Dragon of Fortune shows).

GETTING THERE: Wynn Hotel offers free shuttle service to & from the airport, ferry piers and border gates.* Check Schedule.

*This service might now be reserved for guests of Wynn Hotels. If you aren’t staying there or do not plan to eat or shop or have bills to show from the property you’ll need to take a taxi.


The Golden dragon and lotus bloom emerge from the ground during the show at the Wynn Macauthe

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Madhu is an Interior designer turned travel blogger on a long sabbatical to explore the world. When not crafting stories on The Urge To Wander, she's probably Tweeting @theurgetowander or sharing special moments on instagram.com/theurgetowander

51 thoughts on “Dragon Of Fortune!

  1. Your photos and narration gave me goosebumps…so exciting! Must have been a thrill, even if it was “touristy”. ;o)

    1. Absolutely! It was very impressive, certainly better than sailing on a faux gondola in the Venetian πŸ™‚

  2. It’s a shame he did not come back for a bow… Nicely captured and told Madhu πŸ™‚ I can get used to free shittle service as well… It is always nice to see something new, to step out of our usual ways… some months ago I made a woe to myself to do something I have never done before every day … so far I am not keeping up to that owe, but I was reminded of it just now – this is how I feel when travelling, and living the every day life with all the chores and work it is kind of difficult to come up with something new every day. You keep inspiring me….

    1. That is a wonderful resolution! Will have to find the time to do that first πŸ™‚ But on holiday I go the whole hog! Thanks Paula

  3. So much happens in just 4 minutes. It’s wonderful. Spectacular show. You have captured it so beautifully with these pictures.

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