Dragon Of Fortune!

The gilded zodiac ceiling opens slowly to special sound and light effects, the floor splits open, and a golden dragon emerges in a cloud of pink fog with smoke billowing out of its nostrils…a phantasmagorical spectacle that is supposed to symbolise “vitality, good fortune and well-being”!

The Dragon of Fortune show in the Wynne Macau, is an over the top, Vegas style tourist attraction…just the kind we would usually avoid. But we had time to spare before our return ferry to Hong Kong, and we could think of worse ways to while our time than a fantastic free show in genteel surroundings. Besides, we got to use their free shuttle to the pier.

The gilded zodiac ceiling opens to special effects!
The golden dragon emerges from the floor and rises upto 28 feet!
A lotus bud appears from the center.
The smoke belching dragon has glowing eyes and an animated head! The lotus bud ‘blooms’ to reveal a crystal in its heart!

At the end of four minutes, the dragon returns to its lair, the ceiling closes and the lights come on, as if the whole thing never happened and it was all just a dream. Except for the ecstatic applause of local tourists. I half expected the dragon to climb back up and take a bow.