Tracing The Footsteps Of The Bedouin In Wadi Rum

No words or images can do justice to the spectacular desert landscape of Wadi Rum, whose simple, large hearted nomadic inhabitants and their warm welcoming hearths moved us as deeply as the savage land itself.

Traversing this surreal sea of sand and cliff was a near spiritual experience. Its vast stillness underlining the immensity of nature, and the insignificance of man in the larger scheme of things.


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“Vast, Echoing and Godlike”
~ T E Lawrence in “The Pillars Of Wisdom


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Tea break in a Bedouin tent.

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“Our little caravan grew self-conscious,
and fell dead quiet, afraid and ashamed
to flaunt its smallness in the presence
of the stupendous hills.”
~ T E Lawrence in “The Pillars Of Wisdom


The Seven Pillars of Wisfom
The Seven Pillars of Wisfom
One of nearly 25000 ancient petroglyphs in Wadi Rum.
One of nearly 25000 ancient petroglyphs in Wadi Rum.


“In the night we were stained by dew,
and shamed into pettiness
by the innumerable silence of stars”
~ T E Lawrence in “The Pillars Of Wisdom


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“No man can live this life and emerge unchanged.
He will carry, however faint, the imprint of the desert,
the brand which marks the nomad;
and he will have within him the yearning to return,
weak or insistent according to his nature.
For this cruel land can cast a spell
which no temperate clime can match.”
~ T E Lawrence in “The Pillars Of Wisdom


Until next time……….happy travels, no matter where life takes you!


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44 thoughts on “Tracing The Footsteps Of The Bedouin In Wadi Rum

  1. Gorgeous photos Madhu! Barren land, yet so beautiful. I liked the camel shot the most.

  2. You’re photos always inspire a WOW! I’ really impressed with the extent of your travels. You’ve certainly been to places I haven’t and I spent 30 years plus in planes, busses, taxis and rickshaws in some spectacular places. I don’t know how you found time to visit such remote places.

  3. These are exquisite shots Madhu 🙂 I love your camels :). D So slim and elegant ….

  4. I have been following your travel, yet, haven’t left a comment recently…but, can’t resist to hive you a big hug for the stunning and intelligent and beautiful snaps you have skillfully photographed! Wishing you loads of bliss for 2013, dearest Madhu! Love ya girl. xx

  5. I always enjoy your posts Madhu, but this one touches my heart a little more. There has always been something about the desert that grabs me. I am always messmerized by it drastic changes in terrain. Your photos stir my imagination. Thank you for sharing your travels. -Max-

  6. The last quote in the poem, “The Pillars of Wisdom,” by T E Lawrence says it best. The desert does capture the heart. My Dad, a city boy, fell in love with the desert after they moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.
    Wonderful photos and quotes, Madhu.

  7. This is delightful. So beautifully crafted with the photographs and the Lawrence passages. Your photos are superb, of course, but your ability to weave them into historical or literary narrative is pure creative genius! 🙂

  8. What an awesome place to have visited, Madhu. Your pics are just perfect. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. The quotes from T E Lawrence are the cherry on the top. 🙂

    1. The majesty of Wadi Rum is hard to capture in photos AD. Mine don’t begin to do it justice.

  9. Well caught, Madhu – the Wadi was pure drama, befitting a capital “W” 🙂

    “the innumerable silence of stars” is such a moving description of wonderment – perfect for your post.

  10. Large-hearted inhabitants in a savage land, what a dramatic and fabulous combination with these great shots! Happy New Year Madhu and I look forward to more of your fascinating adventures!

  11. Excellent photos, been there for years ago – it’s wonderful… 🙂

    One of my favorite places is the oasis town Tozeur on the edge of the Sahara in Tunisia – places like that are so amazing… 🙂

  12. I didn’t know you’ve been to Wadi Rum, Madhu! Incredible pictures! — I’ve been interested in visiting this place since two years ago when I found out that Jordan has more to offer beyond Petra.

  13. T.E. Lawrence described it well. No one comes away from traveling to such places unchanged and without the “urge to wander”, the imprint to return. I hope to see this one day.

  14. My tribute to this post is in my awed wordlessness…. truly spectacular. Keep flying!

  15. You described it exactly: the insignificance of man in the larger scheme of things. I love places that remind me of that. These pictures are stunning. I hope to see this myself someday. I pinned it, so I’ll remember.

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