The Captivating Children Of Cambodia

We found the children of Cambodia even more enchanting than the temples of their ancestors that we had come to see.

They are pesky, persistent and beautiful. And most, exceptionally bright!

Like the little girl in the purple blouse, who rattled off numbers from 1 – 10 in Hindi, before I had time to react to her question about where I came from!

“Now can you do that in Chinese?” I asked in disbelief! Yes she could!

“In Russian?’ Of course, with ease 🙂

That they are capable of so much more, makes the reality of their existence even more heartbreaking. They seem happy enough, but their abbreviated childhood and loss of innocence, is evident in their wary eyes, even as they stretch their lips in the hope of selling one more 1$ souvenir, that no one wants to buy.

These are just a few of the unforgettable faces of the children of Cambodia. 

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