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June 13

Il Ghetto – An Unromantic Legacy

The Doge’s council of Venice, by its singular act of confining seven hundred Venetian Jews within an abandoned foundry on March 29, 1516, gave to the world a word that is now synonymous with segregated ethnic populations. Jewish presence in Venice dates back to the 10th century. Jews were not allowed to live on the main islands even then, but […]

April 30

Guest Challenge Symbolism: The Venetian Gondola

This post comes to you from Paula’s lovely photo blog – Lost in Translation – where I am playing hostess for her Thursday Special Challenge. The theme is ‘Symbolism’, and I have chosen to feature the visual metaphors inherent in the design of a Venetian Gondola……. Click on the link above or the image below […]

August 14

The Venetian Lions

Status was paramount in the ancient world. For empires, as much as for ordinary citizens. The aura of power, as important as the exercise of power itself. Visual imagery and symbolism went a long way in engendering that impression. And so it was, that a maritime republic of the stature of Venice, felt the need to be associated […]

July 16

L’Isola Flamboyant!

My visit to Burano on a gloriously sunny first of May, was intensely overwhelming. And not all due to its abounding vibrance. It was standing room only on the vaporetto ride to and fro, as well as in the restaurants around the piazza. I picked up a surprisingly well made crumbed chicken panini and escaped to a bench on the […]

July 06

Torcello – The Cradle Of Venice

Venice owes thanks to Atilla the Hun. Think about it………if the ‘barbarian’ hadn’t torched the Roman city of Altinum, if some of the residents of that great city hadn’t been directed by a disembodied voice to climb their lofty campanile and seek help from the heavens above, if they then hadn’t spied the distant group of islands on the lagoon from that tower, and if […]

Aesthetic Transitions!

  Expanding the notion of ‘beautiful’ in Venice! Previous posts on the same theme: Conspicuous Contrasts Oddly Juxtaposed Paris Le Ancien et le Moderne

June 20

The Space Between

  — They looked picture perfect. Two beautiful people framed between two pillars of the cathedral of Santa Maria Dell’ Assunta in Torcello. I considered showing them these photos. But I held back, reluctant to intrude into that beautiful space between them, that radiated a delightful sense of ease. And togetherness.   More from Torcello in a few days. […]