Travel Quote Series – Free Yourself

Pergamom, Turkey
From the vaulted foundation of the temple of Trajan in Pergamom, Turkey

I believe implicitly in the capacity of all human beings to achieve their dreams if they put their minds to it. I also believe that when you want something badly enough, you – and the universe – will usually find ways to make it happen.

Within reason of course. For I know from experience how a lack of means, ill health, commitments – LIFE – can impede and slow down that quest. And being aware of your limitations and working around them on what’s right for YOU, is important.

But, in all my interactions with people of my ilk who bitterly complain about not being able to follow their dreams, I find it is more often than not due to constraints of their own making. A fear of the unknown, lethargy, or even guilt. About not setting priorities. And in many cases, about keeping up with the Joneses!

Having grown up in a conservative society in which saving against famine and calamity has been encoded into its genetic structure, putting one’s future security under threat to plunge into a strange new path is a fear that is understandable.

But think about it: What is the guarantee that we will live to enjoy the fruits of a life less lived? If we do, will that lifestyle be worth looking back on life with regret?

Until next time…………happy travels, no matter where life takes you.

PS: This is partly aimed at hubby whose eyes popped out when I suggested we downsize by moving into a studio apartment. Last week he asked me to go look for one! Bullseye!!!

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