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November 01

The Magnificent Karst Bridges Of Wulong

The stunning Three Natural Bridges in Wulong National Geology Park – a UNESCO World Heritage site, and setting for key scenes in “Transformers 4: Age  of Extinction” & “Curse of the Golden Flower” – was the highlight of our China trip along with Laitan ancient town. I featured both in some of my earliest posts. Here is a recap in photos, […]

The Chinese Zigzag Bridge

The zigzag bridge is a common feature in classical Chinese gardens. According to local lore (and tourist guides!) zigzag bridges and paths are said to confound evil spirits that can only walk straight lines for whatever reason! But in actual fact, these bridges are mainly decorative features based on the the Zen principle of mindfulness. Their non linear construction forcing one’s attention […]

October 28

Travel My Way

I was on the road when I was nominated for the ‘Travel Your Way‘ contest by Kathryn from Travel with Kat, and didn’t expect to make the September end deadline. Viveka’s kind nomination last week made me realise that the last date had been extended to October 31. So here I am, with just a couple of […]

April 19

On Ageing And Obsolescence

Old is when you suddenly find yourself on the wrong side of the generation gap. When you take time to figure out ‘LOL’ does not actually mean ‘Lots of Love’. When your boss is (was) a decade younger than you. When your four year old child/grandchild can make your smartphone do astonishing things, that you would […]

Don’t Forget To Look Up!

This is my first time participating in the Wild Weekly Photo Challenge, thanks to Lisa of Zebra Designs & Destinations, whose winning entries have been nothing short of inspiring. The theme for this week is ‘Look Up‘. Trawling through my archives yielded plenty of photos ‘looking up’ at soaring architecture, but precious few of the outdoors, which I understand […]

Weekly Photo Challenge – Beyond

A tough one this week. And these are the best I could come up with: The first is from Beijing, China – the rooftops of the Summer Palace and Kunming lake beyond, viewed from the ‘Tower Of The Fragrance Of The Buddha‘ on ‘Longevity hill’. (Some of you may remember that I accidentally deleted the far nicer […]

Sunday Post – People

For Jakes Sunday Post I chose images of people – lots of people – leading upto two famous facades. The Ruínas de São Paulo in Macau….. and the Celsus Library in Ephesus, Turkey. The facades are all that remain of these two stunning structures. The former dating back to 1637 and the latter built nearly […]